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Snippets of airchecks, jingles, promos and such from at one time the leading powerhouse radio station in the Northwest The Mighty 91wonderful KISN!

KISN - WIFE - KOIL Jingles  File  # 1






G Michael McKay (Tom Brooks) Aircheck File #2

(Above sometime in 1971-1972. I was 17-18. I can't believe they even had actually paid me money - just out of radio school) -





KISN - WIFE - KOIL FCC Announcement  File  # 3

** The above partial announcement was required to played at certain times - Can you imagine this being played during "Drive time" !  The story I heard was an audition was done on ALL Star Station announcers - they picked the fastest reader  -- Bobby Noonan won from KISN in Portland





Dinner with Burden - Hatfield - Gordon B. McLendon  sometime in 1966-67 File # 4

Don;t know any of the details of the above dinner with Burden - Shepherd - Hatfield - McLendon and others..

G Michael McKay  - 1973