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My Favorite Web sites listed below:

bullet Constant Contact - The Best email service ever!
bullet DOCS Google - Microsoft days are numbered! Google has Word like, Excel like, Power point -  Can access your files anywhere you have an internet connection. For FREE!
bullet Hulu - Watch your favorite TV show. Tonight Show - The Office - & 1000's more old and new TV shows and movies - For FREE!
bullet Portland Tribune - Daily local paper
bullet Google News - National and International news
bulletStreaming Radio Guide - Listen to radio via internet - 1000's of types of stations!
bulletGmail - Highly recommended setting up a Gmail email account - Been using since it started - Email's last forever - currently over 6 Gig of storage - For FREE!
bulletFox Business - Business news
bulletFox News - National, international news.
bulletGoogle Adwords - Build an internet business. Think of what a prospect would type in Google search to find your product!  - just ad a few new customers every day and before you know it, you will have 1000's of happy customers - everywhere !
bullet Jott - Turn your words into action - Talk and it will email your message!
bullet YouTube
bulletNASA - Looking for life on Mars?
bulletAVG - You need this FREE program your computer. Keeps it running.
bulletAdaware - Another great program to keep your computer running!
bullet Mindomo - A mind map is a diagram used to represent words, ideas, tasks  or other items linked to and arranged  radially around a central key word or idea.
bulletmore soon!

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